Early Years Funding & Fees

Early Years Funding is available for all three and four year olds (in the term after their third birthday).
A maximum of fifteen/thirty hours of FREE care and education each week, for 38 weeks of the year, are offered subject to availability. This is government funding and is claimed directly by the pre-school from Cornwall Council.
All that parents are asked to do is complete a form at the start of term confirming that their child attends our pre-school and that they are not receiving funded pre-school care and education beyond the fifteen/thirty hours each week elsewhere and show their birth certificate or passport.
To benefit from the funding, a child must attend more than 2 hours in one day.
Early Years Funding is also available for some two year olds. Depending on their family circumstances this is organised by the Local Authority.
We are also registered for tax free child care.

Our fees for any additional attendance, or if your child is not old enough to qualify for funding, is £5.00 per hour.